A message from the principal

Welcome to Chicopee Academy. It is truly an honor for me to serve as the Principal of this extraordinary institution. As a faculty member from the fall of 2005 until the spring of 2009, I taught ninth and tenth grade mathematics. Because of this teaching background, I am familiar with our students and faculty. During my time as the principal, I have witnessed much academic success in all our classrooms. It is my hope and promise to build on these achievements. We all want our young men and women to grow from their positive and nurturing interactions at Chicopee Academy.

The Academy affords students many opportunities. Our dedicated faculty is compassionate about motivating students to help them reach their potential. We serve students from the sixth (6th) grade through twelve (12th) grade. Classes are available in the following disciplines: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Art and Physical Education.

We have small class sizes. Since we have smaller numbers than other school settings, our students are able to obtain extra help during their classes. Our teachers enjoy this atmosphere and truly excel in it. They not only teach the students, they invest in them. This commitment sets us apart from other schools. Both students and faculty share the vision of academic excellence.

Our atmosphere enables students to succeed. Because the faculty is committed to this success, their efforts are always dedicated to student performance. For example, we invest much time to prepare our students for MCAS testing. Past test results give testimony for this successful preparation. However, we realize through continued hard work and other interventions, our students’ scores can improve and indeed will improve!

In addition to these activities, our students have participated in additional learning experiences. For example, they have visited other Chicopee schools to read to younger students and have created a "Chicopee Academy Mural" on the wall as you enter our building. This mural represents the pride of our students and creates a very special feeling in the building. In addition, our Community Service Learning Program has partnered numerous times with Lorraine’s Soup & Pantry Kitchen to coordinate successful projects, such as; can drives, coat drives and other donations. Also, our students always set aside a Saturday in April to clean up the grounds at Chicopee Academy on “Spring Spruce Up Day.”

We also offer a comprehensive summer school program. This program provides classes to students who are “credit deficient” as well as to our incoming freshman. For our current students, this is an excellent opportunity to earn back some needed credits. For our incoming freshman class, it is an excellent opportunity to gain strength and confidence in all of our academic subjects as well as to get ahead by earning some credits.Having students graduate is our priority, and, we will "go the extra mile" to reach this goal. Our mission is to provide students with appropriate programs and guidance so that they successfully develop skills that they can apply in college or the work force upon graduation.

We are extremely proud of our past accomplishments and look forward to building on these traditions.