Day One!
VP Skiba greets our early birds
Mom's Taxi
Going Home Happy
Ready for My First Bus Ride Home
1st Day of School
Middle School Group Project
Sttudents working in our Computer Lab
Students working hand in hand with Teacher
September's Attendance Breakfast
September Honorees
September Birthday Celebration
Ice Cream & Cup Cakes for the Group
Raffle Prizes
The winner is ......
Open House 2018
New England Aquarium Field Trip
CSL Volunteers at Lorraine's Soup Kitchen
October Honorees
November Honorees
December Attendance Winner
December Birthday Celebration
January Birthday Celebration
January Birthdays
January Honorees
March Honorees
Northampton / Smith College Field Trip
April Honorees
CSL Spring Garden Project
CSL Spring Garden Project
May Honorees
School Picnic