Middle School

5 years ago

Mrs. Skiba

The Chicopee Academy Middle School Program is a smaller version of our high school program. Our mission and expectations are just as high. We have smaller classrooms, each with a teacher and a paraprofessional to provide additional academic support. There is a highly structured day that prepares students for re-entry into the traditional middle school or promotion to high school. Some of our 8th graders move onto Chicopee High School or Chicopee Comprehensive High School. Others begin 9th grade at Chicopee Academy.

The teachers, paraprofessionals, and teacher assistant work closely with each student, and parents receive weekly progress reports mailed to the home. We encourage parental involvement so that we can work together during these challenging years of adolescence. Not only focusing on academics, we utilize a point system as one component of behavior modification. Rewarding excellence inside and outside the classroom, we strive to help the whole student meet his or her potential.

Our students go on field trips, have guest speakers, can choose to work in a community service learning project, and have a voice on the school’s student council. Even though the high school and middle school are separate programs, we are united as a student body.

-Mrs. Skiba, Chicopee Academy Vice Principal and Director of the Middle School Program