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  • Graduation 2019
  • Potential Graduate 2020
  • Safe Routes Certificate
Mission Statement
The Chicopee Academy will provide a strong standards based academic program for both regular and special education high school students who have not met with success in a traditional high school setting. With the help of individualized clinical and educational supports, our students will identify goals and objectives that will support them to grow and develop into young adults who are able to contribute to the communities in which they live.

Our school will be characterized by a creative, innovative approach to education. We will have a strong commitment to standards based, content area instruction. Faculty and staff will also incorporate experiential learning opportunities to provide our students with real life applications to their learning. While our goal is to reintegrate students back into their schools of origin, Chicopee Academy will identify individualized educational and clinical goals for each student. Our program will offer a continuum of services; we will have both short term and long term students depending on their needs and individual situations. Our commitment will always be to the least restrictive learning environment for each student. While some students will attend a full day at Chicopee Academy, others will attend classes both at our site and at their referring high school.

Our staff and faculty are committed to student success and they realize that each student is unique. The school is strongly committed to working as a team to support each student. Through close work with our students, their families, and community partners we will be able to develop a lifelong love of learning in our students.